E-40’s [click to read] gotten a rap for being one of the most gifted of all gabbers. The Bay’s slang king spoke with MC Serch recently about being bitten and the now long awaited slang dictionary that he’s been working on. While the word on the dictionary has been out for quite some time, it seems that we now have a release date in the works.

“I’m the most bitten…I done been bit all my whole life,” he told Serch. “They gonna do it regardless. They gon’ bite. So, I might as well put it out there.”

He also added that he’s consistently working on it, adding that he worked on it that afternoon.

I’m on the case,” he said, before noting all the words he worked on that day. When asked when the book would hit shelves, he seemed to be confident.

“Before Christmas. I guarantee it,” he said.

In other news, Irv Gotti spoke with Angie Martinez about his love life, career, and more.

After saying he hopes Beyonce and Jay-Z stay together, he notes that he has seen other rappers do the “power couple” thing because Jay did it.

“My thing was never like that. Me and Deb is high school,” he added. However, as the focal point of his new television show, the couple is working on finalizing their divorce.

“We in the midst of it,” he said of the split.

The show also shows Gotti‘s career and since fans haven’t heard from The Inc. in some time, he had to speak on his current status in the game.

“Here’s the thing musically. Musically, I’m leaving Universal…I’ll probably end up with Lyor, back with Lyor, Julie and Kev and all of them like that. I’m leaving Universal. Nothing against Sylvia or anything like that, but it was just not…I didn’t feel my energy that I need.”

Noting that his time has been spent away from radio waves, Gotti spoke on why he chooses to “move back” from the game at times.

“If it isn’t the greatest of great, I move back…I only want great,” he said after adding that he was a part of Roc-A-Fella and Def Jam.

Citing industry woes as a problem for the rap world, he now adds that times have certainly changed.
“Now, everyone has to work extra harder.”

Gotti’s Way is on Monday nights on VH1.