Rick Ross [click to read] fell three spots, but still was the Hip Hop boss off the charts as his third official album, Deeper Than Rap [click to read]sold another 50,000 copies, being the fastest rapper to 200,000 units this year. Bob Dylan, Rascal Flatts and Hannah Montana‘s soundtrack out-sold the self-proclaimed Miami kingpin. 

With almost three years of delays, Mike Jones [click to view] surprised many with a Top 15 debut. Having moved from Warner Brothers to Asylum, the Houston star may not continue his multi-platinum streak with Voice [click to read], but he still sold an impressive 25,000 units for an independent. Right on Mike‘s heels was newcomer Asher Roth [click to read], and his Asleep At The Bread Aisle [click to read] is likely to reach six-figure sales within its third week on shelves.

Keri Hilson‘s In A Perfect World… [click to read] slipped just out of Top 15 for the first time yet, maintaining her status as Interscope‘s present R&B flagship artist, with considerable radio and video play. The shocker of the charts this week was Jamie Foxx [click to read] climbing 10 spots with his Intuition [click to read] album, a release that stands a chance of an upcoming platinum plaque.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
4 Rick Ross Deeper Than Rap
51,125 209,152
12 Mike Jones Voice
24,757 24,825
14 Asher Rother Asleep In The Bread Aisle 23,142 88,623
16 Keri Hilson In A Perfect World 22,919 236,615
17 Jamie Foxx Intuition 23,541 885,309

Jadakiss [click to read] remained Top 20 with his The Last Kiss [click to read]. The album has market analyists [click to read] and critics alike talking. Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne [click to read] was 1,500 units behind with a Top 25 independent debut. Sickology 101: The Study Of Being Sick [click to read] is the rapper’s second compilation-like release, showcasing many of the unheard talent of his Strange Music imprint.

UGK [click to read] slipped just out of Top 50 with UGK 4 Life [click to read]. Pimp C‘s posthumous group album with Bun B still continues to defy expectations, as the group’s nearly 20 year tenure with Jive Records comes to its final release.

Boss Of All Bosses [click to read], Slim Thug‘s [click to read] latest, may be a month away from six figure sales, impressive for a Rap independent. Like Mike Jones and UGK, the release proves the commercial loyalty seen with Texas Rap stars/ 

Just dozens of units behind Thug, is Bad Boy‘s Gorilla Zoe [click to read], with his Don’t Feed Da Animals [click to read] sophomore solo release. The album has been neck and neck overall with his independent competition. 

Other Notables

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
20 Jadakiss The Last Kiss 20,110 230,228
23 Tech N9ne Sickology 101: The Study Of Being Sick 18,649 18,680
55 UGK UGK 4 Life 8,860 137,075
97 Slim Thug Boss Of All Bosses 5,041 79,915
98 Gorilla Zoe Don’t Feed Da Animals 4,978 82,250

Next week sees the numbers from Rapper Big Pooh, Abstract Rude, Skull Gang and Fat Joe’s K.A.R. Who performs? Stay on HipHopDX to know.