The Smoking Gun recently released documents showing that rapper Alfamega [click to read] may have served as an informant and witness for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration during the ‘90s. The Atlanta-based rapper, who signed on to T.I.’s [click to read] Grand Hustle record label (through Capitol/EMI Records) after serving a seven-year stint in prison until 2002, never revealed that he had agreed to cooperate with authorities in order to get less time in jail.

I came up in the first projects in the United States; I came up in Techwood Projects,” he told Ballerstatus in an interview last November. “I was in and out of the system since I was nine years old. So, when we were younger, when we were in and out [of the system], it was a badge.

In 1995, Alfamega entered the system again, facing up to nine years for selling weapons to an undercover agent. According to court documents, he “agreed to cooperate with authorities” to help indict several individuals involved in drug trafficking in order to get his sentence reduced by 18 months.

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Rapper and CEO of Grand Hustle Records, T.I., was arrested on weapons charges in 2007 after a sting operation involving his bodyguard, and Alfamega at the scene of arrest.

The rapper had been active in the on-again, off-again feud between Shawty Lo and T.I., as Alfamega was reportedly a lead participant in the fighting that happened at last year’s Dirty Awards in Atlanta. Alfamega subsequently apologized to promoters and fans for his behavior.

Alfamega and Grand Hustle Records spokespeople have yet to comment.