Upon the success of his video game “Blood On the Sand,” 50 Cent says he’s interested in making a sequel.

I’m hoping we’ll be able to do it,” said 50 to MTV News at the Manhattan Play N Trade store, where he and fans enjoyed it together. “With the success of this actual project, we’ll try to do it

[Fans] said it’s a good video game,” added the G-Unit general. “They enjoyed it. I had the opportunity to play with some people
online. That was exciting and another way to reach people that are
aware of me.


As for whether or not Fif is any good at the game, the rapper was cautious about being too boastful. “I’m pretty good,” he laughed. “I like to think I’m the best [but] I
like to say ‘pretty good’ just in case somebody comes in here that
really knows how to do it.

50 revealed that eventually he intends to get other aspects of gaming. “I’d like to be a part of designing and marketing a video game I’m not actually in,” he explained. “I talked to THQ.

While 50‘s first video game, “Bulletproof,” was met with negative reviews, “Blood In the Sand” was much more well-received.