After serving a lengthy 20 years in prison, infamous drug kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross will finally be released on Monday, May 4.

Ricky Ross served two consecutive sentences, with his first sentence ending in 1996 and his second sentence beginning only six months later. Before receiving his first sentence Ross, whose drug business made at most $2 million a day, turned himself into police after almost being set up and murdered by them.

And the former Los Angeles kingpin’s second arrest took place after Ross was setup by one of his cocaine distributor’s who was working with the CIA.

Ross’ second sentence was an ominous life in prison, but fortunately his sentence was reduced after a number of appeals were made. His sentence was also reduced due to an investigative report made by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gary Webb. In his series, which was featured in the San Jose Mercury News, Webb explored the CIA’s involvement in importing cocaine into African American communities.

Once out of jail, Ross hopes to turn his life around. Ross already has plans on releasing a book and film, creating a new record label, helping inner-city youth, and starting his own reality show and social-networking site,