Record Store Day is a day that will be celebrated this Saturday. Independent record stores will come together with musicians and artists to celebrate the art of music making in a special way.

This movement has also garnered support and attention from major label artists. Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and others have all shown their support on the Record Store Day website.

Rap acts have also gotten in on sharing the love for this day. P.O.S. [click to read], of the Rhymesayers collective, shared his feelings on the matter.

“The record store is where me and my friends cut our teeth growing up,” P.O.S. explained. “I love getting lost trying to master every section, walking with a stack of possible purchases and weighing all my choices at the end of it. Nothing will ever replace that for me.”

Fellow Minnesota emcee, Eyedea, also added some love, saying, “It is important to support independently owned businesses, especially in a climate of corporate imperialism. We don’t want our record stores going the way of the independent pharmacy (which unfortunately is pretty much the way of the dinosaur).”

Paul Wall [click to read] is on the same page.

“When you walk into a record store it’s an escape for some of us,” Paul Wall noted. “It seems like whatever situation you’re going through in your life, there is a song or artist that can describe it perfectly, whether it’s a happy feeling, or something bad, there’s an artist and song that can describe it perfectly. If I’m struggling with something in my life, then the right song will help me through it. The record store is like a giant medicine cabinet. It’s an environment of people of all walks of life that are professionals in what they do. The opinion of those people working at record stores are so important to me as a customer. They’ll tell me what’s good and let me know the truth on what’s only hype. They’ll tell me ‘when you buy this listen to track number six’ and might even say, ‘there’s only two really good songs on there, the rest is just B.S.’ They know the history about the artists and music. When I buy music I want quality music. At the record store they can let me know what’s good, not just what the top seller is.”

Lil Boosie sent a shout out to mom and pop stores, saying he wouldn’t be where he presently is without their support.

“When no one else was supporting me… the mom and pops would sell my music. I been out here for 10 years and before the deal…it was the mom and pops that was feeding my family.”

Record Store Day is shaping up to be something special. Jadakiss [click to read], Keri Hilson and others, aside from those already mentioned in this article, are in full support of the celebratory day. Def Jam will also release some of their best material on vinyl. For more on Record Store Day, visit