I Fucking Hate Rappers [click to view] is the bold title of PackFM‘s new collaborative album with producer Domingo. With the release of a new t-shirt that promotes the album, fans can proudly wear the title on their chests. But, it seems the title means much more to Pack now that he’s completed the album and is prepping for its release. Recently, he chopped it up with HipHopDX to discuss the album’s direction, theme and more.

“The main theme is basically this: In a world where everybody and their mailman raps, how do you stay true to what you do, not follow trends for trend sake? I think ‘Sire’ says it all because one day rapping won’t be cool to do at all. How many of these cats will still do it simply because they love it?”

So, what can fans expect from this album?

“The number one goal with this album is to make straight up Hip Hop music. It’s about taking the craft of being an emcee serious. So the rhymes are skillful and well thought out. And with Domingo, you have that street Hip Hop sound that is getting lost in Hip Hop today, which is one reason why I hate rappers,” he added. “These days it seems like they try so hard not to be Hip Hop. If I hear one more rap record where the rapper doesn’t rap, somebody is getting punched in the mouth.”

He went on to say that stepping out of the box is fine, as long as one remembers where they came from.

“You have rappers who really can’t sing and they say, ‘I’m more than a rapper.’ No, you’re not. So you get these guys who are viewed by the public as the new wave of Hip Hop and they decide to take that opportunity to appeal to alternative rock fans…badly. Like Hip Hop isn’t good enough anymore. But I love cats like Pharoahe Monch and Tonedeff and even Mos Def, because no matter what they do to step outside the box, they bring it back to the core of Hip Hop.”

The album, I Fucking Hate Rappers, is due out in late Spring or early Summer.