On March 24, duo Camp Lo will release their fifth retail project, Stone & Rob: Caught On Tape. Thursday afternoon, Geechie Suede spoke to HipHopDX about the group’s stylized approach to this particular project.

Stone and Rob are two characters out of the [1975] Cooley High film,” said The Bronx emcee. “We always have always been coming from that [1970s Black Hollywood] sort of dimension. Basically, the style is… [fans] know us for doing the smooth, milky martini music, which we like to call it. But we’ve got that Stone and Rob edge. We always have, from the ‘Krystal Karrington’ and ‘Killin’ ‘Em Softly’ or whatever [from Uptown Saturday Night]. We’re bringing that more to the forefront on this record, as opposed to the martini music we’re normally [known for] givin’ out.

With the first single, “On Smash” [click to listen] having video shoot footage leak yesterday, Camp Lo is working with Pete Rock [click to read] and Styles P [click to read] on the song. Having worked with De La Soul and Aesop Rock [click to read] over the years, Suede explained how to duo is so versatile. “I always think that we don’t think [in terms of] time. We also don’t think [in terms] of genre. It’s an energy thing. It’s not so much of a thought-process.” He continued, “We’ve just been able to blend with a lot of different energy, man. Camp Lo has always been diverse too, so it helps culminate with different cats. We don’t really lock ourselves in one thing; we’re able to blend with it all.

This release comes less than a year after the group fielded their first major label deal in years, a single deal with SRC/Universal Records for the Smokey Robinson & The Miracles-inspired “Lumdi” With radio play happening, Suede says, “I felt like we pulled some new heads in, also, but we brought the awareness out there to our people that we were comin’ back through.

As the title of the single suggests, some of this material stems from a mixtape to have been released by the super-blog collective, The New Music Cartel. An early ’90s Rap veteran, Suede spoke of the new technology and people in power, saying, “You can come in contact with [these people] to help you with stuff. As far as that goes, I think [the blogs] do what they’ve got to do. [Hip Hop] is at this right now, and you’ve got to just keep pushin’ to get to the people that love you, and you pull in new people [with the exposure].”

With an upcoming performance at South By Southwest, Camp Lo is promoting and performing Stone & Rob: Caught On Tape heavily. “In April, we’re looking to do stuff overseas, as well as summer stuff.” “We’re gonna push and get back in the lab and get the next stuff goin’.

Stone & Rob: Caught On Tape will be released March 24.