Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke has garnered a tremendous amount of accolades in the Rock world. With a large following of his British band, Radiohead, and critical acclaim to spare, Yorke has always been highly sought after. Although many are fans of his, he has expressed his appreciation for DOOM, one of the most well received independent artists in Rap.

DOOM, who recently dropped MF from his name, will release his highly anticipated album, BORN LIKE THIS. According to, Yorke has left his fingerprints on the album by remixing “Gazzillion Ear.” The song will only be available on iTunes.

Recently, Yorke made rap headlines when he snubbed Kanye West. West recently spoke to fans during a VH1 special about the incident. According to Yeezy, he approached Yorke at an award show.

Hi, my name is Kanye. I’m a musician. I’m a fan of yours,” he told Yorke, who only replied by walking away.

The album, BORN LIKE THIS, will hit stores March 24. Details on the upcoming album, including a tracklist was reported by us late last month [click to read].