Starting with a December 2008 release, Jadakiss‘ [click to read] Def Jam debut The Last Kiss has been moved several times to its most recent date, April 7. Speaking with HipHopDX last night, Jadakiss revealed that he’s used this time to update what critics first heard in listening sessions. “I just did some more songs, ’cause more time went by. Hov told me to do two more songs too. Jada said that he took some guidance from Jay-Z [click to read]. “I don’t know why [he requested two], but that was just his lucky number. I did three though anyway, [one] with Pharrell, one with Swizz [Beatz], and a joint that he gave me with Mary [J Blige] with [DJ Khaled] and The Inkcredibles.

Looking at the album as it stands, ‘Kiss was asked if “What If?” would still be placed. “Hell yeah! That’s gonna be one of the power-boosters of the album,” he said of the concept-record produced by North Carolina’s Chophouse. “It’s always a [concept record with me]. Asking ‘What if?,’ the things I’m asking are some crazy — not too crazy, but just some shit that you might ask yourself, ‘What if?‘” Contrary to what was initially heard, Jadakiss then revealed a special guest, “I brought [in Nas] at the end, the icing on the cake.

The Yonkers emcee was overall optimistic to DX about the year ahead, “It should be a strong year; I feel real good about [Hip Hop in 2009]. But everybody don’t think like me.” With a dose of realism, he added with his signature laugh, “My motto is hope for the best, expect the wost though. However it comes out, it’s a win-win when that’s your motto.

Lastly, Jadakiss addressed rumors published by the Gawker, on whether he accepted endorsement money for mentioning Coogi Clothing prominently in “Letter To B.I.G.” [click to listen] from the Notorious Soundtrack [click to read]. “If [Coogi] came in after the song was already done and wanted to get involved, that’s a different story. If you know anything about [Notorious] B.I.G., he had a million Coogis. My whole time around him, he almost [always] had one on. So that [rumor] is a crock of shit.

In further defense, ‘Kiss reverted to his writing and the intention of the song. “That’s just one of the memories [I have].

He then admitted with a laugh, “I don’t even really like Coogis like that. I [never normally] even mention them. I did ’cause he had it! You’ll never catch me rockin’ a Coogi or nothing. I only got that one in my closet!

Before heading out, Jadakiss revealed how hard he is working for The Last Kiss‘ success. “I’m on 35 days of Hell right now, which means I’m doing whatever the label has for me – or anybody that comes up to me in the street. I’m doing whatever I can to let you know that I have an album coming out. I can’t turn down nothin’ right now.

The Last Kiss is scheduled for release April 7.