This afternoon, further information was provided on the first studio release in years from Hip Hop veteran emcee and producer MF DOOM. Released on U.K. imprint Lex Records, BORN LIKE THIS is the latest of the onetime KMD leader’s catalog, spanning work with Raekwon [click to read] and Ghostface Killah [click to read].

The work, recorded over the last three years, features the leaked single “Ballskin” [click to listen], produced by Rhymesayers affiliate Jake One. The album reportedly also features some production from J Dilla, familiar to fans of his 2006 Donuts release.

Inspired by 1960s and ’70s poet Charles Bukowski, DOOM samples a performance by the man on “Cellz.” Previously, DOOM used Bukowski for a vocal interlude on 2004’s “One Beer.”

Due this spring, label reps are already claiming that the New York born veteran is planning other releases in 2009. DOOM‘s new label has informed everyone of his name change. Apparently the Metal Fingerz/Metal Face (MF) prefix will be dropped in favor of the name DOOM–still in all capital letters.

The tracklisting for BORN LIKE THIS is as follows:

01. Supervillain Intro

02. Gazillion Ear

03. Ballskin

04. Yessir (ft. Raekwon)

05. Absolutely

06. Rap Ambush

07. Lightworks

08. Batty-Boys

09. Angelz (ft. Tony Starks)

09. Cellz

10. Still Dope (ft. Empress Sharhh)

11. Microwave Mayo

12. More Rhymin’ (ft. Kurious)

13. That’s That [click to listen]

14. Suppervillainz

15. Bump’s Message

16. Thank Ya