Sha Money XL [click to read] spoke with HipHopDX late this week, to reveal several changes to his career for 2009. The onetime G-Unit President and longtime production coordinator for 50 Cent [click to read] and G-Unit Records announced some details about his upcoming annual One Stop Producer’s Conference [click here], May 9 and 10 in Phoenix, Arizona.

This year, Sha Money revealed that fans asked for different panelists, speakers and producers, and he met those requests. “Normally, I kind of put in the whole panel based on who I would like to see, and who I think [attendees] would like to see. This year, on my site [], I asked questions to all the members of the site. They’d email me, saying ‘Listen, I want to see this person, this person, this person.’ So I took a tally of all the emails that came in, and completely gave these guys who they asked to see.” Those requests led to Sha involving producers such as Pete Rock [click to read] and Evidence [click to read] in these year’s festivities.

I made it totally the experience they’re looking for,” added. The Queens native said that this year’s event speaks to his own heroes and inspirations of the craft. “These are people who I appreciate, and the music and the legacy that they’re leavin’ with us, and creating it for us as Hip Hop. It’s not like they’re asking to see some Pop producer that ain’t really Hip Hop. Pete Rock, [DJ Premier], that’s the best it gets. I love that part.

In addition to the aforementioned guests, Sha has also emphasized stronger technology panels and more product demonstrations. This year in particular, he added, there are a lot of new machines and equipment geared towards Hip Hop production.

Having mentioned DJ Premier‘s continued involvement in One Stop, Sha Money was also asked about the highly-talked about collaboration, “Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth” [click to listen] between the famed producer and 50 Cent. “That was single-handedly me. [50 Cent] passed on the beat the first time. I re-sent it to 50‘s engineer, Ky Miller and he played it again for 50 while 50 was in the studio. He got it this time; 50 got it. All of a sudden, ‘Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth’ is everywhere, all over the Internet. He killed it!

The reaction to the leak caused Sha Money to want to finish the epic collaboration. “I called him and said, ‘50, you’ve got to finish this record. This shit is crazy.’ There’s certain records you get calls on, ’cause you can feel the energy. That was one record, that I told him was big. He’s not into names. He don’t care who produces the track. He don’t want to sit in the studio with these guys or nothin’; he want to make his record. So when this particular record hit the streets, the feedback was so fuckin’ monstrous, it was like, ‘Know what Fif? You’ve got to finish this song.’ So we’re working on that now.

The effort was reportedly a response to numerous fans and critics asking the veteran Hip Hop artists to come together. “He just wanted to get it out, ’cause he knew Hip Hop really wanted it. He heard it when you asked about it. He heard when Premo talked about the record not being played. He heard everything. So 50 really listens to what people really want. And he went back in and fuckin’ in.

As for the changes, Sha Money XL said that the mixing was underway. “You know Premo gotta do scratches; it’s still a work in progress. He had [scratches] there, but 50 didn’t use them [the first time]. It’s still a work in progress.” The song will thus reportedly change before appearing on the upcoming Before I Self Destruct.

Perhaps the biggest news Sha Money XL offered DX though, was a change in his career. “My management, and you and HipHopDX will be the first to know, I’m changing the dynamics of my management. I’m gonna focus more on me, back again as a producer. It’s gonna be a squad. It’s gonna be me leadin’ the way, but I’m gonna get some talented producers and other musicians with me – this mega-production crew. It’s sort of like what The Hitmen was. It’s not a Neptunes; it’s not two guys. It’s gonna be a squad.” The crew has yet to confirm a name or specific members, besides the aforementioned Ky Miller.

For Sha, a producer who entered Hip Hop producing for Cormega, Proof and Juvenile, he says he’s eager to get back to his craft. “I’ve got some collections of records that I just dug out. I’ve got so much shit I’ve been overlookin’ and not getting into because I’ve been doing business. Now I’ve been on my Reason, my Recycle, I’m back, my boy Ky Miller is kickin’ ass. I watched him from makin’ his first beat from scratch till now. He did that first Rick Ross diss record [“Officer Ricky (Go Head, Try Me)]” [click to listen]  that’s out now, and a whole bunch of other joints. I really want to get back to it. You’re gonna see a dynamic change. I’m really about getting back to what brought me into this industry, which was making music.

He eagerly touted, “I’m comin’ back. You know me, I’m B-boy. So I’m comin’ back with some samples, some live instruments, and my drums is gonna be killer! I’ma do a drum CD too. No wack joints. I’m comin’ wid’ it!

To purchase tickets or get information on One Stop Shop [click here].