With his first solo album, The Kush [click to read], releasing to underwhelming proportions [click to read], Mobb Deep‘s Havoc is hoping his sophomore disc will turn Hip Hop heads back to that East Coast grime rap with Hidden Files.

Much like his first solo effort, Hidden Files boasts full production from Havoc himself, with features from group mate Prodigy and Philly lyricist Cassidy. Hidden Files is tentatively scheduled to release February 24 through E1 Music.

In other news, Bun B [click to read] is planning to release the final UGK this spring. Entitled 4 Life, Bun B explained his reasoning behind releasing this final project.

“The new UGK album ‘4 Life’ is the final studio album from my late great brother Chad Butler, aka Pimp C, and myself. It is my sincere hope that it’s a fitting bookend to the legacy of UGK and to the life and times of Pimp C.”

With two decades under their belts, Bun B expressed his desire to cement UGK‘s legacy on this final effort. “‘UGK 4 Life’ is an album for the people; for all those who have been with us from the beginning to those we’ve gained along the way, family and friends, the street cats and the squares, the supporters as well as the detractors,” Bun B stated.

4 Life is scheduled for a March 31 release date through Jive Records. The album’s first single, “Da Game Been Good To Me,” is available in HipHopDX‘s Audio section [click to listen].