Coinciding with this week’s heavy dose of political events, The League of Young Voters Education Fund announced yesterday that they will launch The website, taking its title from an Ice-T and subsequent Jay-Z song, will be an open forum for young people to generate content, expressing to government, concerns that they see around them.

The LYVEF‘s executive director, Rob “Biko” Baker, who served as political correspondent for The Source magazine for a number of years, told HipHopDX yesterday, “For far too often the Hip Hop Generation has thought that the political system can’t work for us. With Obama‘s election, many of us are for the first time thinking about how politics and the civic process can work for us. offers our generation an outlet to not only voice the problems that we face in our communities but also to come up with solutions and ways to interact in the civic process. This is an important first step in making sure our generation stays engaged and active.

The league claims responsibility to having educated over 100,000 young voters last year, with an emphasis on low-income communities and people of color.