Three of Hip Hop’s rising stars united in Atlanta to release Strictly Business, a DVD that sees Maino, G Malone [click to read] and Huey re-interpreting themes from a Hip Hop film favorite. Reportedly inspired by 24/7, the video in rotation on MTV, and The Hughes Brothers‘ film Dead Presidents, Strictly Business follows the rise of the respective stars of tomorrow from Atlantic, Cash Money/Universal and Jive Records.

HipHopDX has posted a trailer in the video section [click here].

Directed by longtime rapper, actor and Hip Hop manager Littles, the Best of the Block production is set to release tomorrow exclusively on

This is the first time three rappers from three different coast, with three separate major record deals, have formed an alliance to embrace the world. This DVD is a step by step visual booklet on how each artist rose through the ranks with rhymes and mere ambition. Unlike other DVD magazines that look like clips combined from all sorts of cameras, dates and times, patched together to combine for 60 minutes of viewer amusement, Strictly Business supplies substance from start to finish, with clear insight to how different each artist’s coast and hometown rap artist influences have impacted their own lives and rap careers.

Littles told DX that this venture will prove to be his most successful yet, and the future of promotional vehicles for buzzing artists and labels.

The video can also be viewed at