To add to the pressure on Dr. Dre with his highly anticipated album Detox expected to be released this year, earlier this week a track titled, “Could Have Been You” was leaked.

The song was recorded during the Detox sessions and it was believed the song was meant to be on the album. Although Dre’s camp has not commented on the issues but sources state the legendary producer was not pleased with the un-mixed and un-mastered version hitting the net.

“Could Have Been You” featured R. Kelly, 50 Cent [click to read] and Slim the Mobster discussing a troubled unsuccessful relationship with a girl.

On the hook Kelly sings, “The reason why you didn’t get picked, ’cause you got your nose up your ass smelling your shit/ But tonight you met your match, ’cause I be smelling my shit too/ Now how you like that?

50 opens the song chanting “It’s the D, R, E” and goes on to explain his own problems with woman.

Although the song was leaked, due to the quality and the respect for Dre most websites have pulled it or did not post the track altogether. A song called “Crack A Bottle” [click to listen] by 50, Eminem and Dre was also released this week yet it is still unclear if this is a track for Detox or Eminem’s new project Relapse.

No release date has been set for either album but Relapse is expected to be released this spring with Dre’s long awaited album following.