According to several reports, teen rapper Soulja Boy [click to read] and his friends were allegedly robbed in his Atlanta home

After returning home from his album release party on December 30,
Soulja Boy and his friends were robbed at gunpoint by six men. And
Soulja Boy‘s friend Jbar was allegedly held hostage during the incident.

Contrary to reports that Soulja Boy and his friends were robbed by
six men, a video has surfaced on YouTube in which two hooded men claim
to be the ones behind the robbery. They also claimed that it was just
the two of them and they alternated between one gun.

The two men explained that they followed Soulja Boy and friends from his album release party to his home.

The legitimacy of the video, which was released only a day after the incident, remains questionable.

Representatives for Soulja Boy did reveal to that “a
serious situation” did take place, but did not reveal any further

Soulja Boy released his sophomore album iSouljaBoyTellEm
[click to read] mid-December and most recently sparked attention when he released a
video in which he promised to be a better role model for his fans.