After 20 seasons, the Real World cast will take its first step into the Brooklyn as the Real World: Brooklyn premiers Wednesday, January 7.

In order to help the 8 reality show members get acquainted with their new city, MTV has the rock/rap group The Lordz help introduce and musically accompany the new season.

Originally called The Lordz of Brooklyn, founding members Mr. Kaves and ADM have been on the Brooklyn B-Boy scene since their debut album, All in the Family back in 1995. Given their encapsulation of the Brooklyn culture, MTV sought to capture the essence of the borough by having the Lordz introduce the cast to the streets as well as using their music during the series.

Earlier this year on FUSE, the emcee’s lives were spotlighted as the pair had their own reality show called, The Brooklyn Way, which focused on they groups lives as well as their music.

In the upcoming season the Real World cast members were on hand for a live performance by The Lordz taped at Public Assembly. The Lordz also helped the cast explore Brooklyn institutions including L&B Spumoni Gardens Restaurant in Bensonhurst and Kaves‘ own store, Made In Brooklyn. The Real World house, traditionally known to embody the city, is tiled with four graffiti paintings by the multi-talented Mr. Kaves in order to get the Brooklyn vibe.

As the new Real World begins, The Lordz are not far behind as their new album has a tentative release date in Spring 2009.

Reported by Benjamin Chesna.