Earlier this year, Murs [click to read] campaigned for Hip Hop’s presidency with his major label debut Murs For President [click to read]. Wednesday, speaking with HipHopDX about his new partnership with Zune, the emcee and businessman enforced that you may have to see him to believe in him. “There
is not another rapper that will touch every single market like me. I am
shaking babies and kissing hands as only president Murs can do and Zune
caught all of it.
” The episode series is titled Murs Gone Wild, and also features Kidz In The Hall [click to read]. “You got to see me on the road with all my friends, We
even when to Mount Rushmore, we kicked it with some ladies, went to a
water park, you know the usual stuff, being a ‘road warrior.’ This
tour diary will be available on the Zune Marketplace. There will be two
episodes each week (Tuesday and Thursday) for a duration of seven weeks.
You wont want to miss it

Joking that it was a “camp pain” more than a campaign, Murs said, “A lot of loyal fans come out to
support my stance as Hip Hop President. Collaborating with companies
like Zune has helped me reach a lot more people a lot faster.

The rapper spoke about Zune, as one of Microsoft‘s spokesmen for the mobile music device. “Zune
created custom
Murs for President devices that where loaded with
exclusive Murs content. These where great promotional items that really
helped tastemakers and fans buy into the concept of the album.

The emcee elaborated, “The Internet is such a huge part of our lives today, and I am a strong
believer in it. Zune has created a world within its devices where fans
can instantly check out my music or videos. It keeps them updated on
what I’ve been doing and gives them something else to look forward to
when I’m working on music or something.

Through Zune Marketplace, Murs has also created “Breakdowns” where he
discusses his albums track-by-track in his own words. “Guestlist” also allows the Felt and Living Legends member to share his favorite playlists of other artists with fans.

Murs For President is in stores now.