After urging fans and other supporters to write letters to the District Attorney’s office in order to get a weapons possession sentence reduced, Persia [click to read], of Ego Trip‘s The (White) Rapper Show, has been notified that her court date has since been moved up to a later date.

Persia (government name, Rachel Mucerino) initially appeared at the Kingston Court House in New York on December 12 to face sentencing for gun possession charges. The reality show emcee was pulled over during a routine traffic stop when it was revealed that she had a loaded weapon under her front seat. According to Persia, the gun was a result of a continuous battle with her ex-boyfriend, who allegedly threatened her life and also her family’s.

“I was involved in an abusive relationship which led to him trying to kill me. I felt I had no choice but to protect myself,” Persia said in a statement. “I went into hiding but honestly, who can live like that? Someone I know bought me a gun so that I could get from my front door to my car with[out] being attacked or even killed.”

Persia contends she was initially offered a six month sentence by her lawyer in exchange for a guilty plea to the weapons possession charge. She alleges foul play involving her estranged ex-boyfriend, who she believes is a police informant. The Far Rockaway, Queens native and mother to a six-month-old daughter faces up to three-and-a-half years in prison.