In HipHopDX‘s preparation for the holidays, we asked a few rappers and producers about some favorite holiday dishes. While Bishop Lamont and Damizza admitted they just come hungry and leave happy, Bizzy Bone was too busy touring to remember, and Cuban Link was difficult to decipher, here are two great answers to put some Hip Hop in your holidays.

The Alchemist (who just dropped The Cookbook EP [click to read]): “My
favorite holiday recipe is weed pumpkin cake. It’s really good. You
mix in a little bit of grounded up weed. It’s gotta be the actual dust
of it — don’t use the butter. Crumble up some weed, and grind that up,
because it will add to the crust of the pumpkin cake. It’s really good,
because you’re already sleepy from all of the turkey. This is like a
knock out! You’ll enjoy it for about five minutes, then you’re like,
‘Whoo.’ Next thing you know you’re asleep. That’s the good thing about
weed, you can never overdose. The worst thing that can happen is you’ll
fall asleep, and we all enjoy that.

Skyzoo:My favorite Thanksgiving day dish, besides the
turkey itself, is macaroni and cheese. Not just any macaroni and cheese
though, it has to be official. No watery, runny, soupy microwave stuff.
I like the real, cheesey, creamy kind that grandmothers make. To me,
it’s pretty much the most important part of the meal, after the Turkey
of course. If you’re not too sure on how to make dope macaroni and
cheese, Google a few recipes. I’m sure B. Smith has a real dope one, so
I’d say Google her and check her site. Oh, and if you really wanna get
busy with the cooking this thursday, fry the turkey instead of baking
it. I promise it’s amazing. Holla!”

From the HipHopDX family to yours, happy holidays.

Additional Reporting by Omar Burgess and Aliya Ewing.