Shortly after Kanye West launched his Web site,, he expressed his distaste for being misquoted in interviews via his blog.

“SIIIIIIGGGHHHH! [sic] he wrote. “I told the media you can’t make up lies about me because I have a media outlet myself. Oh and sidebar I don’t know if everyone has realized this yet but I don’t do interviews if there’s anything I wanna say I’ll say right here on my own blog.”

True to his word, there was very little, if any, written press done. Aside from live performances and the occasional talk show appearance, there were even fewer television and radio appearances. All details about his upcoming 808s And Heartbreak album have either come via his blog or from friends and collaborators, such as Common [click to read] and Kid Cudi [click to read]. On Monday, West appeared on Big Boy‘s Radio Show [WQHT 97.5 “Hot 97,” KPWR 105.9 “Power 106”] and explained the reasoning behind his Auto-Tune and melody-heavy new album.

“I wanted people to take my words into their soul, and have it embedded it their life, spirit and energy,” explains Kanye. “When I was a shorty, they taught us stuff with a melody, like the ABC’s. So I’m about to express my stuff with melody. It’s a fine line, where you don’t know if it’s rapping or what it is. It’s just what’s necessary at the time–what it feels like [and] what the beat makes me do.”

West also addressed rumors that he was just being experimental and hoping critics would recognize his upcoming album as an Avant-garde work.

“People heard ‘Heartless’ [click to listen] and thought it was safe,” says Kanye. “They were like, ‘Kanye‘s over here. It’s all good now.’ As you see, nobody’s safe. I’m coming for the spot. It’s a lot of people with number one spots right now, and I’m coming back for my spot. I’m not really playing right now. I think people might have thought I was playing games or just doing something real Avant-garde. But I’m coming to make the best music I can possibly make.”

808s And Heartbreak will be in stores Nov. 25.