After a year filled with artists such as Busta Rhymes [click to read] and Obie Trice [click to read] being dropped or amicably released from their contracts, the three cornerstones of the Aftermath building are promising new material. While speaking with DJ Kay Slay and Angela Yee on his SIRIUS Satellite Radio channel, Shade 45, Eminem cleared up the rumors regarding his upcoming album.

“There’s a lot of fake albums and a lot of bullshit album titles floating around out there,” Eminem said. “I just want to tell everybody the real album title is Relapse.”

Em then premiered a freestyle called “I’m Having A Relapse” [click to listen], and the track has already made its way around the Internet via various blogs. The choice of naming the album Relapse goes against rumors that the LP would be entitled King Mathers. Former G-Unit President Sha Money XL also incorrectly said the album would be called The Empack [click to read]. While most of the interview focused on Shady‘s new book, The Way I Am, a visibly upbeat 50 Cent was more than willing to speak on Aftermath‘s “three-headed monster” campaign.

“The three-headed monster returns,” 50 said. “It’s Before I Self Destruct, Relapse then Detox. [Eminem] never really loses representation because I’m still out and about. Because of the success of my joint-venture with G-Unit, people forget that I’m signed to Shady/Aftermath. The reality is that as long as you see 50 Cent active and functioning, you’re really looking at a reflection of Eminem. I wouldn’t exist if he didn’t decide to make the deal happen.”

As expected, no representatives from Interscope have tentative release dates for either Relapse or Detox. Eminem‘s autobiography, The Way I Am, will be in stores Oct. 21 via the Dutton publishing company. The bio features drawings, handwritten lyrics and never-before-seen photographs.