After over six solo albums, San Francisco rap veteran San Quinn [click to read] is updating his catalogue with his most personal work to date. November 25th’s From A Boy To A Man chronicles the rapper, who signed with JT Tha Bigga Figga in his teens amidst the early ’90s. After success with Priority Records over 15 years ago, this new album marks a new chapter with the rapper now signed to SMC/Fontana.

I just put my life on record. I did it for my family, my fans and Fillmore,” said Quinn in a statement. “It’s
not a secret that Hip Hop has lost it’s way and rappers have blown shit
way out of proportion,
” explains SMC co-founder Will Bronson. “So
Quinn went in and gave them what they wanted- that honesty, that
reality that people are dealing with everyday. The dopest thing is,
when we approached producers about doing the album, they we’re just as
excited as us and you can hear it in the songs

The producers include longtime affiliate Sean T, Chops and others, while Too Short [click to read] and Mistah F.A.B. [click to read] guest.