KRS-One [click to read] recently rattled a few Hip Hop heads when he embraced newcomer Soulja Boy by welcoming him into the Hip Hop genre [click to read].

Although the prolific South Bronx legend demonstrated a show of respect for Soulja Boy, who has been criticized by media and audiences alike, The Teacha also had a few critiques of his own.

[Old school Hip Hop has] art, creativity, genuineness, authenticity,” he told Real Talk New York on the red carpet of Vh1’s Hip Hop Honors show. “The youth today, the majority, are not seeking authenticity, because the society in which they live doesn’t ask them to be authentic. It asks them to be other people… It doesn’t ask them to be themselves because there’s consequences to being yourself. So our young people don’t be themselves and as a result they follow whatever trend is out there…

KRS-One also commented boldly on today’s quality of music, drawing major contrasts between new school and old school.

I would say the new school has more money today than we do, that’s the difference. We were poorer then. But that’s how Hip Hop was created. You cannot be rich and continue to produce raw Hip Hop.

Reported by Salima Koroma.