Busta Rhymes has had an interesting week. After previewing his new album, unveiling news about a new release date and a new dance, Busta‘s gotten the chance to perform in London, even after overcoming a conflict with the UK High Court. After all of this, he has been able to come out and reveal his new found joy.

In a recent interview with Tim Westwood, of Westwood Radio, Busta spoke on all of this.

“A lot has changed in the last two months since I last seen you. They detaining me for 12 hours in the immigration,” he said, speaking on his immigration hold up before his recent London show. His attitude has also changed to one of joy.

“[I] got a new label situation. I got a new album release date, December 9. I’m happy,”

The songs on his new album may feature some songs that were set to release on his final Interscope album.

“First and foremost, all the records that was gonna come out on the last records was my records,” says Busta. “So at the end of the day, my records are on the new label.”

He also spoke on what the label move meant and how he felt about his former label, saying, “Big up to Interscope because they put up two hot leak records for me.”

A new song that’s got some people talking, for better or worse, is “Arab Money.” Speculations of a politically incorrect connotation swarmed the song at first, but Rhymes spoke on what it should be taken to mean.

“It’s called ‘Arab Money.’…’Take the Money’ or ‘Arab Money’,” he said before speaking on his interpretation of the song. “Sometimes, people like to twist things. We ain’t mockin’ the culture. we ain’t tryin’ to be disrespectful. Ain’t no racism going on right here. If you listen to the song, you see that we are actually acknowledging the fact that the Arabian culture, a middle East culture is one of the few cultures, that value passing down hard work riches that’s been built amongst the family.”

“It would be nice if a lot of other cultures did the same thing. Feel me? So, I would like for it to be like that in my culture where we could build things to the point where we got so much that we don’t need to rely on other cultures to contribute majorly in a financial way, or in whatever other way, to societies, communities or whatever governments we might live in. So, we are actually biggin’ up the culture. At the end of the day, I want to be like that. I think a lot of us want to be like that.”

His new album is set to hit stores December 9. He is also featured on JakeOne‘s White Van Music.