To many fans of Notorious B.I.G., his biggest hit was his solo debut single “Juicy.” The memorable verse was attached to a James Mtume-sample laced creation, with production credited to Diddy, as well as The TrackmastersPoke.

After August saw the release of Ready to Die: The OG Edition [click to listen], the debut album, released by DJ Semi, in the form of the album’s demo, fans were able to hear alternative versions of the album that went platinum almost 14 years ago.

Included on the collection was a rare version of “Juicy,” produced by none other than Hip Hop super-producer Pete Rock [click to read]. The 20-year veteran’s version, long mistakenly thought to be a remix, predated the Diddy version, which featured an alternate chorus and different melody. After a recent interview with, Rock revealed that he may have been sample-jacked by Diddy for one of Hip Hop’s biggest anthems.



Biggie and Sean came to my house one day and [‘Juicy’] was playing on my
drum machine,
” revealed Pete Rock. “Biggie thought I was making it for C.L. [Smooth]. When I told him I
was just making it for myself, he immediately wanted it. I said sure,
but didn’t think much of it. Then, next thing I know, I heard it
playing somewhere. I’m over it now though.

In the rest of the interview, Pete Rock explains more from that recording. He says that to him, the matter was settled when he was paid, for what was billed as a remix.

Asked further about his sentiments of the deal, Pete Rock, simply stated, “Really though, I just wish Biggie was still alive for me to work with him.”