Earlier this week, rapper Eminem made a rare appearance on his radio station Shade 45 on Sirius Satellite Radio and spoke with DJ Tony Touch regarding his long awaited comeback.

In the interview Eminem hinted at an upcoming album, but unfortunately he did not go into any of the specifics of the album such as release dates or the name of his first single.

“I always do side projects and produce for artists on the label,” Eminem said in his radio interview. “I’m concentrating on my own stuff right now — just banging out tracks. The more I keep producing, the better it seems I get. I start knowing stuff, learning the boards like the back of my hands.”

Along with Eminem‘s comments about the album, 50 Cent also commented on Eminem‘s upcoming project at a movie premiere.

“I had the opportunity to sit with [Eminem] two and half weeks ago for his project,” 50 Cent told UK website ITN. “I stayed with him for the weekend. His project is coming together. They’re not gonna be excited till they hear the first single, then they’re just gonna go right back to loving him all over again. They’re gonna love Em like they loved him the first time he came.”

In similar news, according to MTV, Eminem‘s mother Debbie Nelson is planning on releasing a memoir entitled “My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem”.

In many interviews, Eminem has described his relationship with his mother as being quite turbulent.

Although over the years, Nelson and other members of Eminem‘s family have claimed that the two were actually quite close and in her memoir Nelson claims that she encouraged Eminem‘s rap career.

“He never knew his father, and I did all I could to make up for it,” Debbie Nelson told MTV. “I wasn’t happy when he made up a whole new life for himself — what mother wants to be known as a pill-popping alcoholic who lives on welfare? To tell the truth, I was heartbroken. The lies started coming thick and fast — and not just from Marshall….I think he’s forgotten the good times we had, and this book is my way of setting the record straight.”

“My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem” will be available in stores in November.