Ties have disconnected between Dip Set’s Juelz Santana and former Dip Set members, Mega and Mayhem (S.A.S.). The abrupt end to the business and personal relationship between UK’s duo and Dip Set’s Santana followed an incident that took place in the UK on August 31st, where promoters and a large crew of 30-40 followers surrounded the hotel Santana resided in, allegedly requesting money owed from Santana’s previous manager, Big Joe, for unfulfilled contract obligations which included 70,000 pounds, allegedly stolen from the promoters for two of Juelz’s performances that never took place.

Santana concluded a two-week European tour where he and S.A.S. touched the stage in various venues including Amsterdam, Sweden, and Switzerland. The night prior to the last scheduled performance the promoters and their entourage requested for Juelz to leave his hotel room and negotiate the fulfillment of former contractual obligations. Juelz allegedly refused to do so, as he requested police escorts.

Upon witnessing the commotion appearing in front of the hotel, S.A.S. made arrangements for Santana to be escorted out of the hotel. “Being it is our city, Mega and I went down by ourselves to settle and hopefully resolve the situation,” states May. “The Mob seemed like it had left due to the police presence outside and inside the hotel (some were taking down license plates). All our people started to get impatient waiting for Juelz to come out because they felt like they were under police surveillance. Half of them left because with police there, it didn’t seem like anything was going down.



S.A.S. had reportedly spoken to Big Joe in regards to the owed money. “We got into a verbal and almost physical dispute with Big Joe. The two shows and 70,000 pounds was brought to Juelz’s attention but no one got the money off of Big Joe or tried to contact the promoters in the UK but us,” says May. “You have to understand, that’s an ’04 show, and Juelz is coming in ’08. A lot of weed has been consumed in four years and a lot of things [were] forgotten,” adds May.

Upon his return to the States, Santana made a video alleging his former friends’ disloyalty and incompetence, which was a surprise to the UK Hip Hop duo. “We’ve known him for five years, lived in his house, and know his mother very well so we didn’t understand the subliminal [messages] on the footage,May told HipHopDX today. “All I can say is, we’ve known him way too long for him not to call us and tell us how he felt about the situation. Rappers talking shit about other rappers on DVD is something we always use to agree was ‘bait’ (corny). Now all of sudden he’s doing that to his so-called boys.

Despite Juelz’ video mockeries, rumors are circulating in spite of Santana’s braggadocio-embedded presence on wax, and in support of a feeble rapper . “We heard a lot of rumors of how they took a chain and made him sign a free three show contract but that’s just speculation [so far],May reveals to DX.