In a new interview with, west coast veteran and West Side Connection member WC revealed he’s presently at work in the studio.

That’s that species in the world that’s just full of bacteria, so
much shit that it has consumed over the years
,” said WC of the meaning behind his next album title Return of the Barracuda. “If [a barracuda] bites you, it’s
curtains! It’s a wrap! I done been through so much throughout my career that
it’s like, I’m the wrong muthafucka to deal with man. That’s how I feel
towards the rap game, dealing with the industry. I don’t wanna play by their
rules no more, I done got a taste of this independent life and I’m good!
That’s why I urge all the upcoming artists out there, all the producers,
anybody that’s trying to get down: don’t hesitate to go out there and do it
independently. You might not get all that money up front or a big advance,
but what you get is yours. You own your masters.

There was no word on personnel on the release, which will come on Ice Cube‘s Lench Mob Records in early 2009. This will be WC‘s fourth solo album, after group releases with West Side Connection, The Madd Circle and Low Profile.

Regarding the departure of Mack 10 from West Side Connection, WC was candid. “As far as Mack 10, I don’t have no problems with him, I wish him all the
success in the world. You can’t get me to say nothing bad – not to say that
you are trying to – but nobody could get me to say something negative or bad
about him. He’s always been solid and 100 with me, so I don’t have no
problems whatsoever with him. I wish him all the success in the world, but
right now with what I got going on, I’m pushing WC and supporting this Lench

WC also would not confirm nor deny rumors that The Game replaced Mack 10 in the Crip and Blood-affiliated trio.