In a video recently posted on the internet, rapper Consequence [click to read] who also
serves as videographer and producers DJ Premier and Pharrell discuss
everything from Busta Rhymes‘ run in with a mascara-wearing Jungle Brother to a
possible collaboration between DJ Premier and rapper Rosco P.

Rosco P. told HipHopDX this afternoon, “Yes people, it’s official, me and Premo are back at it. Premo is the
best thing to happen to me since stink on shit and swiss cheese. Ya
dig? He might be doing my whole muthafuckin’ album. I’m trying to keep
busy. I’m also gonna be featured on the promo for this season’s
Dancing With The Stars. Crazy huh? Yes people, ABC hit a real G for prime time
promo. I’m not too big into the dance thing, but I can two-step like a
” Stressing that he is not dancing in the promo, the Philadelphia-based rapper joked, “I’m the only man that can kill a dance track in a Dickie suit
and Timbs. I’m that dope. Ask your mama. I does it all

In the video, “Rosco I got you dog,DJ Premier tells the camera. “I got you.

Rosco P. Coldchain
is an artist on Star Trak Records, his 2003 debut was shelved after the Arista/Interscope label merger.

In the same video, seen above, Pharrell and DJ Premier speak on
Busta Rhymes and his upcoming album Blessed which will feature tracks
produced by both.

I’m so glad Busta‘s going back to doing his shit the way he’s supposed to do it man,DJ Premier says in the video.

An energetic Pharrell then puts on his best Busta Rhymes
impersonation and retells a story that was told to him by Busta Rhymes
in which he was approached by a member of the Jungle Brothers at an
event in Miami.

This nigga got on mascara son. I ain’t fucking with this nigga. Fuck that,” yells Pharrell, mocking Busta Rhymes.

Additional Reporting by Jake Paine.