Fans of veteran emcee Kool Keith know that he has several characters within his arsenal of releases. After separating temporarily from The Ultramagnetic MC’s in the mid-’90s to pursue solo work, Keith explored his two most prolific incarnations.

Dr. Octagon, released in 1996, through the then fledging Dreamworks Records, came in the form of Dr. Octagonecologyst. The release remains seminal for its groundbreaking production, courtesy of Bay area stalwarts Dan The Automator, DJ Shadow, Kutmasta Kurt and turntablist DJ Q-Bert, mixed with Keith‘s stream of consciousness vocal content. Some critics have argued that the release was the archetype for “acid rap.”

Three years later, Dr. Dooom, another Kool Keith persona, “murdered” Octagon on the intro to 1999’s First Come, First Served, an effort furthering the longtime working relationship with producer Kutmasta Kurt.

After 2006 witnessed The Return of Dr. Octagon [click to read], the two forces are apparently at it again. To be released September 23 on Threshold Recordings, Dr. Dooom 2 sees another body in “R.I.P. Dr. Octagon.” Nearly entirely produced yet again by Kurt, the effort features 15 tracks, including single “Do Not Disturb.”

Of the release, Kutmasta Kurt told HipHopDX today, “It’s a
marked improvement on the original, and a step back into the sound and
style that helped to make Keith the cult figure, and fan favorite
artist he is today.
Keith quickly added, “To the critic’s who want to try and compare this album to the first Dr Dooom, fuck you!