While the Sept. 30 release of their third album, D.I.R.T., marks the return of Heltah Skeltah, Duck Down’s resident odd couple has always had a tireless work ethic. The label politics and occasional run-ins with the law that stalled their earlier releases are over, and both Ruck and Rock have a busy fall lined up.

Rockness Monstah sets things off with a DVD to accompany the “Shell Shock” mixtape, which will hold fans over until his Monsta Music album is released. When asked why he would release a video for every song from his latest effort, Rock gave the type of response he has become infamous for.

“I’m doing it because I fucking can,” Rock candidly tells HipHopDX.com. “I can because I have the ability and because you motherfuckers are gonna love it. Niggas love strong visuals. You want to be able to see it and listen to it at the same damn time.”

Meanwhile, Sean Price has designs on continuing the winning streak he began with “Donkey Sean Jr.,” Monkey Bars and Jesus Price Supastar. Price is putting the finishing touches on an album with Ill Bill, which will be called The Pill. The pair already have material recorded and hope to finish the album during a national tour which kicks off on Sept. 11. In addition to adding material to upcoming Duck Down releases, including that of Rustee Juxx, who is signed to P’s Ruck Down label, Ruck has some other group projects planned.

“We’ve got the Random Axe project with myself, Guilty Simpson and Black Milk, and Rock is gonna be on that too,” Price adds. “Somewhere in-between all that we’ll probably do another Boot Camp Click album, and I’ve got another solo record called Mic Tyson planned too.”

Despite all of the other projects, both members of “Da Incredible Rap Team” insist that there will be more Heltah Skeltah projects in the future. For additional release dates and upcoming tour schedules, visit Duck Down’s official website at www.duckdown.com.