With Snoop Dogg and Three 6 Mafia [click to read] on the bill for Murs‘ first major label release, Murs For President, the Mid City Los Angeles underground hero is already actualizing some dream collaborations. However, as Will.i.am [click to read], Rick Rock and others lend production assistance (whether or not they make the final cut), Murs enlisted another legend in for the September album’s mixing.

The biggest thing to me is that DJ Quik mixed the whole record. I got to sit with him every day. He’s a fucking genius!” admitted Murs. The emcee added that the work come in the form of a classical approach, “And we mixed it to a two and a half inch tape. It’s analog. It’s warm. Every rap album now is mixed straight, they call it in the box, ProTools. I took my shit and put it on the shit they put Beatles records on because it’s my only chance to do it. It might not happen again. So, um…DJ Quik mixed the tape. It’s all nerdy shit. To me, I tell people like this. I’m a director and I got to make…like Kevin Smith or somebody gets to make Clerks and then makes to big budget film. This is my time but I got one explosion, maybe.

DJ Quik is presently working with Snoop Dogg, Kurupt and Yung Joc.

Additional Reporting by Jake Paine.