For those who aren’t in the know, Big Boi and onetime partner Killer Mike have been exchanging words. Recently, Big Boi spoke with DJ Envy about his relationships with Andre 3000 and Killer Mike [click to view]. Now, Mike has responded. Below, you will find excerpts from both interviews.

“We’re still cool. We’re still doing music together. I still talk to him. He still talk to me. He’s putting out his solo record after I put out mine and then we’re putting out another Outkast record,” Big Boi stated in regards to his relationship with Andre 3000. “All that is just fine and well. We’re just growing up a little but, got different interests but still got love for the music.”

When asked about his Purple Ribbon label, Boi was asked directly about Killer Mike. When faced with rumors about Mike and their feud, Boi spoke openly about it.

“We had the label and everything. Things were going kind of good but in between, looking for distribution, things weren’t moving fast enough for certain artists. So, Killer Mike came to me and said ‘I think I wanna go elsewhere.’ So, I said ‘You can go. All the bread you owe me, all that other stuff, just wipe that tab clean. I ain’t tryin’ to hold no man.’ I let him go do his thing. Then I started hearing rumors talkin’ ’bout ‘He fired his boss.’ I’m like, ‘How the fuck you fire a boss, nigga?'”

Later, Big Boi explained that people witnessed Mike tearing down Purple Ribbon banners at showcases in Atlanta.

“I don’t play that shit. So, we went to go see Killer Mike.”

According to Big Boi, one of the members in his entourage asked Mike to speak with them about the situation. When Mike declined, stating he’d only speak to Big Boi, he made a comment about the rest of the entourage being “flunkies.”

“The person he said that to was like, ‘Nigga, what the fuck you said?’ He was about to utter those words again, so that person punched him in the face two times,” Big Boi revealed. “So, now he’s so in shock, he couldn’t even move his hands. The only thing he did was spit back on the person. After he spit, it was followed by four more punches to the face. This man didn’t fight back…He pulled out a gun…and got punched in the face two more times. At this point in time, this whole lil’ shabang broke out. Otherwise, I’m just looking at them.”

The next day, according to Big Boi, Killer Mike said he spit on Big Boi on the radio.

“He never spit on me. Never. Period. I don’t even play them type of games. I’m all about unity and uplifting so I let him have the ball and try to run with it to create some type of controversy. So, I let that go.”

According to Big Boi, Killer Mike has publicly apologized for the way he treated Big Boi. Still, after all of this, Big Boi heard more.

“Once you crossed me, you crossed out! Homeboy, I paid your child support when you wasn’t gettin’ no shows! Straight up!”

Killer Mike fired back with a video of his own to deliver his side of the story [click to view].

“You and I know the truth. …I’m still not going to tell the truth because the truth should be between you, me, the men whose lives were put in danger,” Mike says. “…and their children including your children, and God. I’m going to talk about the bigger truth. The bigger truth is pride and ego destroy great men. You are a great man who chose to step off rap’s Mt. Olympus as a rap God and legend and involve himself in petty nigga rap beef.”

“I was hit six times and miraculously, I never fell?”

Mike also added that Big Boi did not give him his blessing to leave the company. According to Mike, Big Boi“spazzed out on his momma’s wedding day.” This then led to a nine month law fight where Mike fought to get “liberated” from the record label.

“Because of your irresponsibility in business and your lack of initiative and your lack of know how, I walked away not owing you anything and you never make a dollar off of me. If I was in a room with Jay-Z, I’d be a bit embarrassed because I know even he makes a dollar off of former artists. If I was in a room with 50 Cent, I’d probably be doubly embarrassed because he’s making money off of two of the biggest and most talked about artists now and you’re making nothing,” he continued.

Mike also spoke on all of the artists who left Purple Ribbon and added that Big Boi never “rode” any of the artists like he rode him.

He also adds that he understands Big Boi‘s “pain,” since Andre 3000 left him and adds that the two can battle it out track for track.

“Listen to every fucking song we did together and I want you to ask yourself, ‘Did I rock him?’…You fucking try me, Boi, I will fuck you up. I’ma ride you like 50 rode Ja. I’ma ride you into the fucking ground… I don’t work for you. I fired my boss. I am a boss. So, let’s go. Sunday morning massacre. I’ll meet you at the church, motherfucker.”

More on this feud as it develops.