Constantly referred to as the protégé’s of late rapper Tupac and repeatedly outshined by the late rapper’s huge celebrity, The Outlawz know all to well that credit isn’t always given where it’s due.

With their latest album We Want In The Outlawz are ready to prove themselves to the world.

“We not getting our credit right now,” EDI explained to “Because we came up under Tupac he was such a bright star, but I feel that people overlooked the bright stars that were around him. In the end, we will go down as the greatest rap group ever to do this”

Formed by Tupac in 1995, The Outlawz consist of E.D.I. Mean, Young Noble, Kastro and Stormey; the New Jersey quartet has been featured on albums such as Better Days, All Eyez On Me, and Makeveli.

The video for The Outlawz‘ title track off the new album “We Want In” is already being circulated on the internet and they couldn’t be more satisfied with the results of their project.

“‘We Want In’ the title track of the album is a statement.  It says that we are long overdue.  We’ve been on over 100 songs with Pac…and we want shine,” Outlawz member Noble told “This project will definitely kick some doors open.  The streets can’t understand why we haven’t been signed to a major label. They love us ’cause we make substance music that is real. We feel like we are better than we have ever been on this project.”     

The Outlawz latest album We Want In will be released on August 5 in the United States, the UK, Japan, New Zealand and South Africa. Following the release of We Want In, The Outlawz will hit the road for the Tupac Still Breathin Tour (tour dates yet to be released).