Hip Hop meets Bollywood with rapper Snoop Dogg‘s latest endeavor. The Long Beach native recently appeared on the title track for a new Bollywood movie entitled Singh Is Kinng.

The track features a combination of Hip Hop and bhangra, a colorful form of music and dance that originated in the Punjab region of India.

“Lots of hip hop tracks sample Indian music, and a lot of their music sounds like it was influenced by hip hop,” Snoop told the International Herald Tribune. “We’re putting together something real big.”

On the title track Snoop raps about, “Ferraris, Bugattis and Maseratis,” and gives a shout out “to all the ladies hanging out in Mumbai.” The video for the track was filmed earlier this summer in Chicago and features Snoop clad in a black, Sikh turban and a decorative long coat called a sherwani.

“I’m coming to take over Bollywood,” Snoop continued. “I’ve never been able to come over there and do shows for you all, but now I’m going to come and do shows. This is just the beginning.”

Snoop‘s entry into the world of Bollywood comes across as quite impressive due to the fact that Hip Hop has not been as welcomed in India as other genre’s.

Singh Is Kinng hits theatres next month and the title track has already infiltrated radio stations across India.

Ego Trippin’, Snoop‘s most recent album was released on March of this year and as of July has gone on to sell 350,000 units in the United States.

Check out a clip of the video shoot below: