Kidz In The Hall [click to read] are currently on tour with Rock The Bells. After stellar performances in Chicago last week, the duo of Naledge and Double O did not appear in yesterday’s performance at Columbia, Maryland due to an altercation after a Saturday performance in Tempe, Arizona.

Although formal details have yet to be released, a reported eyewitness contacted HipHopDX over the weekend to claim that they witnessed group producer Double O in a physical altercation with several club owners and bodyguards. Although the source was not sure why the club staff was involved, suggesting it may have been from a dispute with another patron. The report stated, “After being grabbed up by one bouncer and put in a headlock, at least four
other bouncers came over pulled Double O to the floor, and began
kicking and beating him.

Following that, police intervened, arresting partner Naledge for what appeared to be taking pictures of the aforementioned beating. Rock The Bells reps told HipHopDX in Maryland that injuries resulted in Double O going to the hospital on Saturday. There was no additional information available on either Kidz In The Hall’s present whereabouts or condition.

HipHopDX will keep you posted as information releases.

UPDATE: Two more witnesses have emerged and reported to HipHopDX that Naledge appeared to be taking pictures not during the altercation his Kidz In The Hall partner Double O had with club security, but as he was being handcuffed, to document the arrest of his partner, when he too, was arrested.

It has also been reported that over two dozen police officers were on the scene, and only Kidz In The Hall were seen being apprehended, not the club officials. At this time, charges and present status of the group has not been revealed.