As we reported earlier this month, reports have been surfacing regarding Rick Ross‘ past. According to reports from, “The Biggest Boss We’ve Seen Thus Far” may have worked as a correctional officer when he was 19. The reports cite social security numbers, photos and graduation documents from the Florida Department of Corrections Training Academy.
Ross has vehemently denied that the claims have any truth to them. Now, other emcees are responding to the allegations and giving their take on the situation.
The Clipse‘s Malice spoke on his views, saying that he wished Ross would have never denied the allegations if they were indeed truthful. When asked if this would affect him, he replied that it wouldn’t do much.
“I think real niggas won’t think so. That don’t mean what he’s talking about [in his rhymes] ain’t true. The thing I wish is he came clean, if in fact that is him [in the photos]. ‘Cause you ain’t gotta make no excuses for whatever you did. You might have thought differently at one point in time. I don’t think that should discredit that man,” he told MTV.
The other half of The Clipse, Pusha T‘s didn’t speak much on the matter.
“I’m not even going to go that far into it. I don’t know what it’s gonna do to him, what it can or what it should do to him. I know the hip-hop community has given passes for much [worse],” he added.
Fabolous‘ advice is simple: keep making hits.
“I don’t know if it will really hurt him. As an artist, I think Rick Ross makes great music. He’s always shown me love and respect whenever I met him. Everybody has a past. I don’t know if [being a prison guard] is his past or not. That’s not my place to say. I think if he continues to do what he does, sweep all that garbage under the rug — you know what? That’s success. That’s success taking a shot back at him. All of a sudden past pictures come up. He should just keep doing what he do,” Fab told MTV.
Maino‘s take came in a video interview over at Blogxilla. He voiced his disappointment.
“I’m disappointed. I’m really disappointed. I pride myself on being 100 percent who I am. If I went to college and had a job before, I would just say that. … Him, in my opinion, I just think he should have just addressed it. … ‘Look, man. I was 19. It was a part of my life. … I got to the coke later.’ I don’t have a problem with what he was doing before the rap game. That ain’t my beef with him. The thing is, he was denying he was doing it. He said [the pictures] was Photoshopped and wasn’t real.”