Terrence Howard recently made allegations that Bill Cosby tried to blackball him years ago [click to read]. According to the actor, this happened when he landed a small role in The Cosby Show. Now, Cosby is replying to those allegations by saying he wants to set the record straight.
Here is Terrence Howard‘s view of what took place.
“I was 19 and had just moved to New York from Cleveland, I got on ‘The Cosby Show’ on my second audition ever. I told him, ‘I’m a man just like you.’ He didn’t like it, and the casting agent never took my calls again,” Howard said, according to a report by World Entertainment News Network.       
Now, Eurweb is reporting that Cosby has vehemently denied these allegations.
“I don’t like something being out there that I know for sure isn’t true. There’s no person that I know of that I’ve ever felt strongly enough to call and say, ‘If this guy calls, don’t book him again. Somewhere, there’s something missing. And that is somebody saying either I never said those things, or, I’m sorry. And it’s taking too long. And these blogs go out, man. I don’t want people looking at Bill Cosby talking about, ‘I had people barred.’ It just gets too far out,” Cosby noted.
Cosby also explained that he spoke to Howard after the quotes surfaced.
“The young man said to me on the phone, ‘Mr. Cosby, [in] the conversation we had, you gave me information that was valuable,'” he said before going on. “I said ‘Well yeah, Terrence, but look, this is out there. And then you say, ‘You’re a man just like I am,’ and he didn’t [have anything to] say about that. And I said, ‘They’re making it sound like I blackballed you.’ And I said, ‘Terrence, there’s no way that you can prove that.'”

When asked if Howard denied the original quotes, Cosby said there was no denial.  

“He didn’t say that he didn’t say it. What he said was, ‘Mr. Cosby, the information you gave me was sort of like priceless, and it was a lesson in the business. You said son, things like this will happen.’ And I do know he said, with people on the phone, he said that I told him to keep trying, keep plugging. That’s what he said.”

Howard‘s publicist denied those original quotes but Howard himself has never released a statement denying them.

More on this as it develops.