When Nas dropped his Untitled LP with “Sly Fox” in the track listing, many saw the more political side of Mr. Jones. On the track, he goes in depth to speak on Fox News and what they refer to as “fair and balanced” reporting. He voices his distaste and attacks Bill O’Reilly in the process. Although that was simply one song about the matter, it appears that Nas is taking the inspiration for the track and being active about stopping the news corporation from continuing what he calls “patterns of racist attacks against black Americans.”

A petition has been signed by 620,000 people so that Fox News stops those said “patterns of racist attacks.” Nas, ColorofChange.org and MoveOn.org have issued a statement noting that this petition will be sent to Fox offices in Manhattan today, July 23, 2008 at 2:00p.m EST.

Nas‘ statement on the matter cites Fox‘s declaration of Senator Barack Obama‘s wife Michelle Obama as “Obama‘s baby mama.” He also cited Obama being confused with Osama Bin Laden on the network and a pundit claiming they both should be assassinated. Another instance of this cites Bill O’Reilly talking about a “lynching party” for Michelle Obama.

Fox poisons the country with racist propaganda and tries to call it news,” Nas said in the statement.

James Rucker, executive director of ColorofChange.org added to this.

“When Fox talks about lynching the woman who may soon be our first lady and then refers to this wife and mother as a ‘baby mama,’ they are maligning not only the Obamas, but black women and black people across this country,” Rucker stated. “We have over 600,000 signatures — more than half a million people — saying that we won’t stand for Fox‘s racism and hate-mongering.”