T.I. is back with a highly anticipated new LP, Paper Trail. With the new LP dropping in early September, T.I. recently spoke on what people can expect from the album and how intense the making of the LP was. After going through his fair share of tribulations and run ins with the law, T.I. sat down to make what he calls “me at my best.”

“I just want everyone to know that it’s coming out and that I’m going to answer a lot of questions in the music,” he said via press release. “It’s intense and insightful; it’s gonna shake up the game and it’s me at my best.”

“No Matter What,” is already out and has garnered some buzz and acclaim for its personal nature. That track is seen as a “street record” and even though it has a video to go along with it, is not considered to be this album’s first official single. For that, T.I. turned to “Whatever You Like.” Swizz Beatz, DJ Toomp and Drumma Boy all add to the instrumentation of the album.

That’s not all. Fans may recall T.I. had a promising acting career before he was arrested. He starred alongside Denzel Washington in the critically acclaimed and commercially successful American Gangster and has acted as a star in other films such as ATL. Now, he will be in a new film, titled Bone Deep.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Bone Deep is a film about bank robbers scheduled to be out in 2009 that already features Matt Dillon and Chris Brown. Aside from this role, expect to see T.I. hit the silver screen as he will have a cameo appearance on Entourage and he will have his very own MTV reality show that is said to be “inspirational” according to his release. It will be focusing on his life on parole.

T.I.‘s Paper Trail is scheduled to drop September 9.