Hip Hop Summit Action Network President and activist Dr. Benjamin Chavis will no longer serve as the President and CEO of H3, the company that owns Hip Hop Soda Shop, a franchised restaurant operation that merges Hip Hop music, sports and gaming, in a friendly atmosphere.

“It is with deep regret but steadfastness of purpose that H3 announces that, effective immediately, Dr. Benjamin Chavis will no longer serve as the Company’s president and Chief Executive Officer,” the company said in a statement today (July 18).

H3 opened its first 10,000 sq. ft. Hip Hop Soda Shop in Tampa, Florida back in December of 2007 followed by second shop in Miami in May 2008. Since then, H3 has made several new hires, including a new Chief Legal Officer, a Chief Financial Officer and a new Chief Technology Officer.

According the the acting CEO, Hip Hop Soda Shop‘s founder Brian Peters, The company is also working to establish new headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida.

According to reports, Darrel McDaniels (DMC from Run-DMC) has been admitted to the hospital after suffering from pain and swelling in his left arm. Doctors discovered two major bloodclots and he is undergoing surgery today. DMC was scheduled to appear tomorrow at the AVP Beach Volleyball Tournament (being televised live on NBC).

As the GZA prepares to drop his long awaited ProTools on Babygrande this August, it is apparent that GZA isn’t too fond of a certain Vitamin Water mogul. The album’s first leaked track titled “Paper Plates” finds GZA going at 50 Cent and “spraying pesticide” at the “Flea Unit.” Apparently, this isn’t the first time that GZA has had words for 50 Cent. Last December found The Genius in front of a London crowd shouting venomous words about the G-Unit general.

“I dont give a fuck about 50 Cent. Who gives a fuck about him? You got a a lot of money nigga, you don’t got talent,” GZA hollered. “I don’t give a fuck if I talk about a nigga, I don’t give a fuck. You got a lot of fucking recording sales, you got a lot of money, you don’t got talent motherfucker.”

GZA‘s ProTools drops August 19th on Babygrande.

Reported By: Aliya Ewing, David Goodson & Andreas Hale