When Kanye West went on national television after Hurricane Katrina devastated parts of the US and said George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” he let it be known that he was politically aware and opinionated. Now, he’s taking it into the new year and the new election.
Kanye West joins the artists tapped to appear at this year’s Democratic Convention in Denver, CO. N.E.R.D. and Wyclef Jean will also perform at a party for MTV and the Rock the Vote Campaign going on during the Convention. Festivities for the Convention will begin August 25 and will go on for three days.
Call it a favor for a favor if you like, but Sen. Barack Obama is also scheduled to appear in support of Kanye. According to many reports including The Chicago Sun-Times and Billboard, the presidential nominee may be on hand at this year’s Lollapalooza Music Festival. His appearance is said to be attributed to Kanye West‘s performance and many have speculated that the Senator will introduce West to the stage that night.
No official word has been made by the Obama campaign related to Lollapalooza as of yet and many have speculated that it could end up being a surprise appearance but DX will keep you posted as details unravel.