Earlier this week, the Memphis rap world erupted when Kia Shine acknowledged, then responded to a diss made by Three-6-Mafia about him on video [click to read]. In a series of back-and-forth videos, Kia Shine has taken it one step further in a new video, exclusive to HipHopDX [click to view].

The new video features Kia, emphasizing sincerity by removing his sunglasses to stress, “Say it to my face,” with all the criticism from his civic peers. According to what is said, the two camps have repeatedly crossed paths in recent years, and been cordial to one another, despite longstanding rumors of displeasure. Citing Miami’s unity, Kia Shine states that, “[This is] what’s wrong with Memphis. It’s a crab in a bucket mentality as a whole.

The rapper defended his criticism of using a northeast style on songs like the Beastie Boys-sampled “So Krispy,” by pointing out that recently single “Lolli Lolli” was not in the traditional Three-6-Mafia style of record-making.

I’m about peace and gettin’ this money,” was Kinfolk‘s final statement, pushing for collaboration city-wide, as seen with Three-6-Mafia‘s “Stay Fly” several years ago.