The New Yorker delivered a blow to many with their recent cover portraying Senator Barack Obama as everything everyone makes him out to be. Without an apology, The New Yorker is out to explain just why they decided to roll with the cover that shows Obama as a Muslim and his wife as a militant. David Remnick, editor for the mag, recently spoke to CNN about the controversial piece.
When Wolf Blitzer, a reporter for CNN, claimed the cover appeared to be something out of a KKK publication, Remnick fired back.
“Oh, come on, Wolf. It’s on the New Yorker, and context means a lot.”
Later, he defended his magazine’s stance on the satirical nature of it all.
“If it weren’t possible to have satire,” Remnick noted, “If you always have to look for the joke that everyone will get, then you don’t have Jon Stewart, you don’t have Stephen Colbert. Colbert goes on TV and mocks right-wing commentary by pretending to be a right-wing commentator. In a way, this is Colbert in print.”     
Colbert, who also jokes about politicians, had this to say about the magazine to The New York Times.
“It’s a completely valid satirical point to make — and it’s perfectly valid for Obama not to like it.”