Fans of Omarion and Bow Wow were pleased to hear the duo would record an album with Face Off. However, now it seems fans have had to witness the two face off in a different way. According to some, it appears Bow Wow and Omarion may have some tension. Bow Wow spoke on the subject recently. He also opened up about his position in the game, his latest single and an upcoming collaboration that will pair him up with another young star.

To poke fun at Omarion‘s style, Bow Wow chooses to dis another person for wearing tight jeans.

Damn, them is tight, you’s a O, Omarion-lookin’ boy,” he rhymes in the song “Lookin’ Boy.” At the end of the track, Bow Wow, presumably speaking to Omarion, adds “I didn’t know me and you was gonna be going at it. I was just having fun.

Still, Bow went on to explain, he was only joking with the track, equating his rhyme to school yard taunts.

I was talking to Yung Joc the other day; we was laughing about it. I said, ‘I can’t believe out of all the names y’all say, nobody says nothing. I get one line, I got everybody’s attention. I’m on every website.’ People always hate on me, but they’re always in tune to what I’m doing. In a way, I get the last laugh. At the end of the day, the song is a joke record. It’s about your boys and you all jawning [joking] on each other. Can’t nobody tell me they ain’t never went to school and said, ‘Your mama this, your mama that,’ knowing they ain’t mean it,” he told MTV.

O is my homeboy, and I even joke with O about how tight he wears his jeans. He knows how tight his jeans are. That’s my homeboy. Everybody knows how tight Omarion wears his pants. It’s not a secret. So why is everybody jumping on me? It’s a fact. Plus, it’s a joke. So why wouldn’t I joke on my homeboy?

So, what about the end of that record?

At the end, I know everybody thinks I was dissin’, because I say, ‘I didn’t know we was going at each other.’ One of my homeboys got on the record with me. When I wrote my verse, I didn’t write about my homeboy, but my homeboy wrote about the entire crew, so I was shocked. I was telling my homeboy, ‘Dang, dog, I didn’t know you was going at me.’ Everybody assumed I was going at Omarion, [but] I was talking about one of my best friends who was on the song with me. So, nah, it’s not a dis. I know it’s a recession and everybody is uptight, but damn! I wouldn’t do that.

Bow also noted that he and another young rapper, Soulja Boy have been collabing.

Me and Soulja Boy have been going in. We’re trying to put together this mixtape. We’re gonna give the people what they ask for. Next thing you know, they gonna ask me and Soulja Boy Tell’em to do an album together. Everybody is always picking on us anyway. We might just go ‘head and kill the game and shit on all these niggas. Do a mixtape album together, put it out and go hard!

To start off their collaborative efforts, “Marco Polo” is going to hit radio and video markets soon as Bow‘s latest single featuring Soulja Boy.

I’m back stronger than ever and different. ‘Marco Polo’ is gonna be a hit record. It’s an undeniable hit record. I had to get one of those silly records. Soulja Boy laced me. His beats knock! If you need one of the hard club bangers to get the crowd poppin’ … a good, snap, ghetto-ass beat, then Soulja Boy is the one. You need to come to Atlanta and get you one. His beats is ridin’. Then we did this other song called ‘Get Money.’ All the hate is doing is motivating him. He’s getting better, perfecting his craft.

With all of this, Bow also spoke on his position in the rap game.

I’m stuck in between old school and new school. Because I’m 21 years old, I’m classified in the lightweight division of Hip Hop. I look at Hip Hop as having a lightweight, middleweight and a heavyweight division. It’s kinda hard for me, because I’m old but new at the same time. It makes my job harder because I gotta keep up. I gotta do the things Snoop would do every time he drops an album. You gotta give them something different. With this album, I get to bring the acting side of Bow in with the rap side of Bow Wow. It’s being displayed in the ‘Marco Polo’ video. People not even gonna know it’s me. Then I got a song called ‘Where the Big Girls’ for the big girls. The video comes in at the end of the ‘Marco Polo’ video. You’re gonna see me in the video with a big girl. She’s doing her thing, working it out, and I’m working it out with her.

He has a lot more on the way. Aside from a major tour, he also has two volumes of Half Man, Half Dog, a mixtape series. He’s also prepping a late 2008 release for Pedigree, his latest LP which already features Soulja Boy, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, T.I., Swizz Beatz and T-Pain with more collaborations on the way.