The question of “Who is the best rapper alive?” is asked frequently by Hip Hop heads. Whether it be online or off, the question sparks constant debate. Some will say Jay-Z, others Nas. Some take Lil Wayne’s word for it, while others steadfastly argue for Eminem’s case.

Now, Vibe magazine hopes to come to a decision on the matter by hosting their own “tournament.”

According to Defsounds, Vibe will poll 64 of the industry’s “best” emcees, past and present, to see who comes out on top. Included in the pool are the following artists: Jay-Z. Nas, Lil Wayne, Joe Budden, Pusha T, Trina, Lil Boosie, Eminem, Bun B, Ludacris and more.

The first round of voting begins July 21.
Each round lasts one week  followed by our version of The Final Four,
” says the magazine. Fans will have the opportunity to print out the tournament bracket and pick their own results to predict who will named be the best rapper alive.