Calling into Power 98.3’s “The Nutz In The Morning” show, The Game responded to the story of a fight that ensued between him and his cousin Robert “Kirky” Kirkwood during a funeral ceremony last weekend. Also, he had a few words about 50 Cent’s current state of mind.

As reported earlier this week, The Game’s cousin filed a police report saying he was punched by the Compton rapper during a funeral this past weekend. Though not denying the statement, The Game felt it was necessary to tell his side of the story.

After his cousin passed away in the hospital, the planning of the funeral immediately followed. The Game states that he spoke with his mother and decided he would help out financially for the funeral even though he was hesitant because of their past greed. “I thought that paying for the casket and flowers was cool (A cost of around $14,000), but they rejected that because they wanted me to pay for the whole thing (which Game states was around $17,000).”

The Game then explained that his cousin “Kirky” (an alleged Crip and brother of the passing sister) had planned to start something with him at the funeral because of his “failure” to put up the full costs of the ceremony, after which the fight began. “He said, ‘man, you ain’t my mother fuckin’ family,’ and pushed me. And my reaction was to do what I do, and do what anybody would do in that situation. And the whole family jumped in and it was just like a royal rumble. I had no idea that they was gonna go to the police and do all that, like come on man. You premeditated this whole thing and it was all money-motivated.”

Finishing the interview with an unexpected jab at 50 Cent, The Game gave a poignant reason as to why 50 continues to kick out members of G-Unit. 50 [Cent] is just an unhappy individual. And no matter how much money he gets, how much Vitamin water he drinks, how much steroids he takes, how much deodorant he sells, he’s ain’t never gonna be happy.” Before he signed off, The Game joked, Yayo gonna stick it out with his boyfriend [50 Cent] forever.” 

Reported By Edwin Ortiz