Filipino rap group Ex Battalion is back with a vengeance—and they want rumormongers to stay out of their business.

The hip hop collective marked their return with “Chismis” (Gossip) featuring members Skusta Clee, Brando, Flow-G, King Badger, and Emcee Rhenn. The music video was released on August 5.

“Chismis” is the second single to be released by Ex Battalion this year, following “Bullet Sun.” While the group has been relatively quiet—with its members keeping busy with their solo careers—“Chismis” proves why Ex Battalion rose to Pinoy rap mainstream in the first place. The track’s catchy hook makes it clear: “Totoo ang chismis (The rumors are true) / But it’s none of your business”.

As of press time, the music video is trending at #3 on YouTube’s music charts, with over a million views, despite not being available on other digital streaming platforms.

Watch the music video for “Chismis” here: